Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Think I Can...

So I figured I would update this sporadically, basically when I received good news, felt the need to blog about my life in order to entertain myself (and hopefully others), and the like. What I didn't expect was to receive UNBELIEVABLE news so quickly. By unbelievable I mean that I've actually take one step further in my progression of "becoming" a writer. 

Okay, so I'm already a writer. I mean, I write, I've completed a few novels, but I've never progressed past that stage. I've never felt like anything was up to par, ready for the market, etc. Of course, it's always been my dream to publish before graduating, so I kind of needed to move forward on that whole journey, but I've got this thing. It's not called Procrastination, but I'd definitely label it somewhere along the lines of Fear. But I don't admit that I'm fearful, so don't quote me on that one. Basically, I write, I'm proud, I edit, I research, and then I kind of find a New Idea. And the excitement begins again as I write another novel. Seriously, I've got like... eight completed works, three or four in progress. It's insane. So, with Actions and Motives, I finally took a chance and looked my Fear right in the eye and gave him a good kick.

Or, you know, I took initiative and reached out to a fellow writer whose work I admire and love and will shamelessly advertise for the rest of her career. But I'm getting to that. Basically, my first step forward in this journey consisted of me asking an amazing woman to take a look at my first few chapters. And she did. And she returned those chapters with such utterly helpful editing advice that I asked if she would be interested in reading a bit more. And, to my astonishment and delight, she said yes, and then followed up by asking if I'd have any interest in sending my work to her agent. 

This is where the movies cue a kind of animated, comical JAW DROP. 

Now, while I definitely danced around in a ridiculous sort of manner, I also know that the chances of getting an agent to rapidly are slim. Very, very slim, but honestly, the compliment lies in the fact that someone was willing to promote me. I couldn't have asked for a better confidence booster and a better way to look Fear in the eye one more time and say: "Hey, Man, I'm going after my dream now. So back off." 

Today I received an email from this writer, soon-to-be published novelist, telling me that her agent was more than willing to take a look at my query letter and the first 50 pages of my manuscript. I received this email after 6 hours of class, I was bitter and starving, and upon opening it I almost dropped my ipad in shock. Then I proceeded to dance around the Pepperdine mailroom area in what was probably a crazy display of pure joy, shock, and wonder. But seriously. This is the next step. This is the point that I haven't reached yet, and it has proven to me that I CAN move forward. That I CAN do this and I CAN accomplish my dream. 

So thanks to everyone who has supported me through my writing ups and downs and who continues to do so now. I don't know how this will end, but I know that I have the courage to pursue this with so much more tenacity now. I've held an internship in London, I've gone to a class taught by the writer of Braveheart. I can do this. 

Let's go back to the elementary basics: The Little Engine Who Could. "I think I can, I think I can..." 

Funny how some things are current years later. Anyhow, hopefully I can get some of you following this, because as much as I love hearing myself think and then typing it out, I'd love to share these moments with family, friends, and those who I don't know that wanna take a chance on me. Who knows what will happen? I just know that I'm damn well going to work to make this dream come to life. 

A big thank you to sjmaas for helping me get back on this road! Seriously- go check out her journal, and her work when it gets introduced to the world! I can't wait! 

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